In the next tutorial we will learn how to build a Lego container, in the main picture you can see the model in 3 different colors but the instructions refer to the blue model.
The Lego container can be put on ships, trucks or just in a port diorama that you can make.
Of course if you want you can enlarge or reduce your container to any size you want.

So before we get started let's talk about a few design things before you build your container:
1) Choose the color of your Lego container.
2) Think about what its purpose is and what size will be best for you.
3) You can add all kinds of accessories inside the Lego container, such as boxes, maybe put some vehicles inside or anything that comes to mind.

So after talking about your Lego container, let's see how to build one:

If you want you can see how I build it in


I hope you liked the guide, I would love for you to share with me what you think and even send me photos of the Lego containers you are building.

Good luck with your build :)