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Every customer who comes to me wants custom Lego model according to the needs and measurements that only he decides, a model that is not available anywhere else.
And the truth is that it really excites me every time to be able to create a model from the planning stage to a final model that includes instructions and a list of parts that the customer can now take and assemble the model in his home as if it had just left the Lego factory.
And in this case too, a customer came to me with an unusual request and wanted a huge Lego Batman cave.
When a request like this comes to me, the first thing I do is coordinate expectations so I talking with the customer for the important things that will help me to understand his mind:
1) Dimensions of the model
2) Special elements he wants in the model
3) Has he seen other models online that can be an inspiration for what he wants.
4) Sketches or drawings of what he is thinking about.
5) And basically anything else that can help me get into his head and understand what the model he sees in his mind.


In our case, the customer wanted a model that would include 5 rooms + space for BatTank & BatMobile, the rooms he wanted were a weapons room, a computer room, a costume room, a clinic and a forensics room.
In addition to the rooms, it was important for him to have a dinosaur model, a huge coin and a huge Joker card.
In terms of size, he asked for it to fit the size of a minifigure.


So after I understood from the customer what measurements he wanted, this is what came out (The tank is an older model that I made for the same customer):

After the customer saw the sketch, he started giving me some corrections and requests for the shape he wanted the base to look like. He asked that the front base be a little more curved and that the model will not look so square.
So to be able to meet his requirements I made the entire front end pointy.

At the same time I started working on the general design of the model and this is what came out:



As you can see at this stage the model is already starting to take shape and from here I continue alone at high speed :)
So the next thing I do in a design like this is start designing the basic lines for the whole model (height / width / length) something that will give me a general direction for the whole design that is going to be dressed on it, and this is of course taking into account all the elements that the client requested at the beginning (such as 5 rooms, etc.), I Imagining where everything is going to fit.


The next step in the work is to fill all the holes in the model so that we can move on to the interior design stage (which is much more fun).
The stage of building the frame is difficult and tiring, but you have to go through it to get a spectacular result.



After I'm done with the frame it's time for interior design (the fun part of designing a Lego model) at this stage it's important to think about every little detail and I'll give you a little tip, the more elements you manage to insert that are related to your scene, the richer the model will be in details and that adds a lot to the final result.
In addition, try to use a wide variety of parts that will create a variety of interesting geometries for the model.


And that's how I built the model of the Batman cave.
Every model I build I work on thoroughly from the planning and sketching stage to the last detail, this is how I manage to create special models at a very high level while taking into account all the wishes of my customers.

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* The Batmobile is not my design and it for illustration only, you can download its instructions from here: