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MOC - Space Explorer Diorama - Display for 2024 space series

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I invite you to build the complete display for the entire space series for 2024.
The model includes a display for sets:
60434-1 - Space Base and Rocket Launchpad
60432-1 - Command Rover and Crane Loader
60439-1 - Space Science Lab
60431-1 - Space Explorer Rover and Alien Life
60430-1 - Interstellar Spaceship
60428-1 - Space Construction Mech
60429-1 - Spaceship and Asteroid Discovery
30663-1 - Space Hoverbike

The display is 96x96 studs in size and included lots of extraneous elements, starting with plants, quarries, and rocks from another world :)

You can also purchase each dispaly for each model separately, you can see them all in my website.

Hope you like it :)

* Not including instructions for the Lego sets
* Parts list not including the parts for the Lego set
* You can't build the design without the LEGO sets listed above

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