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MOC - Hogwart's Stair Room

I want to introduce you to the largest model I have built so far, it consists over 18,000 pieces and it presents the large staircase in the castle of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. 

Suitable for minifigure size.


Dimensions of the model:
Height: 88.2cm
Width: 38.8cm
Length: 78.1cm

In the model you will see over 140 pictures that contain minifigures, of course all the floors are connected to each other by stairs and you will even find one set of stairs that can move from side to side and connect the 2 sides of the floor.

You will also find a small design that represents the Hogwarts logo and all sorts of other small elements from the world of magic.



Download this MOC inventory for free - Here

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MOC - Hogwart's Stair Room