No physical Items included! -Just the digital file.

MOC - BatCave minifigure size

Batman fans among us will have a lot of fun building this model, I built for you a BatCave suitable for minifigure size.
Dimensions of the model:
Height: 45.1cm
Width: 38.4cm
Length: 38.4cm
Number of parts: 4434

In the model you will find a variety of elements that appear in Batman's cave such as:
Huge gold coin, dinosaur, Batmobile and Bat Tank space, forensics lab, advanced clinic, giant computer, The Joker's card , weapons area and suit area.

In addition you get instructions for a particularly cool BatTank model that also fits minifigure size.

* The Batmobile is for illustration only but you can download its instructions for free from here:
* The lights in the picture are for illustration only

Download this MOC inventory for free - Here

MOC - BatCave minifigure size