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MOC - 31112 + 31088 Lion Knight Alternative Build

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I made this model inspired by Lego Chima when I created the overall design of the character from the imagination.

This model is a combination of 2 wonderful sets: SET 31112-1 - Wild Lion and SET 31088-1 - Deep Sea Creatures both of which I made a great variety of alternatives models for them so I had to combine them together of course!
Creating this model took me about 4 days and along the way I tried all sorts of different designs for hands and feet so that the character would be stable in the end and be able to stand for display and not just for kids play.
I left the character's head as in the original 31112 set with a slight change in its connections to fit a character standing on two.
And of course it was impossible to complete this character without making her a sword and shield like any knight :)

Hope you like it I would love your comments.


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