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Cinderella's Castle | Modular Fairy Tale world

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The Cinderella Castle model took me about a month to design, during which I simultaneously designed a number of other models that connect together to a large Disney world.
In the model you will find a variety of elements from the field of the fairy tales, including a rose of the Beauty and the Beast, the needle of the sleeping beauty and some sweets by Hansel and Gretel.
The model is also designed in such a way that the entire back is open so that it is possible to play with minifigures and easily enter to the Disney fantasy world.
For those who are interested you will also find a small model of the Disney Castle that Lego produced - Set 71040.
One of the things that was harder to design in this castle is the towers and I had to think of a creative way how I design them in a rounded way when all their backs are open for play.
It is also important to note that I have tried to choose as cheap parts as possible while constantly trying to maintain the design that will look like the real Cinderella castle we are all familiar with.



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