If you've come to this blog, you probably really like Lego, but the question of how far you would have gone with it?

#10: The Tallest Lego Tower in the World
#9: The Allianz Arena
#8: The Kennedy Space Center
#7: The Death Star
#6: Hogwarts Castle
#5: A Volvo XC90
#4: A 3D Printer
#3,#2 & #1???


Speaking of crazy lego builds, here are some models that I made by myself, think you can build them?

Modular World | build from 109 MOCs: 42,265 parts - Click here!

Modular City | build from 41 different MOCs: 15,414 parts - Click here!

 Modular Neighborhood | build from 15 MOCs: 25,533Click here!