This time I want to present you a 3in1 model of the JMBricklayer company , as you can see we have medieval designs of the perfect fighting machines of that time: ballista, bombard and catapult.

The set 30001 includes 568 pieces and is intended for ages 8+.

As you can see in the picture, all these models are active and shoot objects in a cool way and I'm really looking forward to building them and showing you how each one of them works.

The design of the models is very special and through the retro color of the parts we can really feel that we have returned to the medieval,

we can also see the sickle-shaped decoration which definitely adds to the special design.


The first model has a very impressive design, it is much bigger than I thought and playing with it is really fun! I tried several times to shoot at the target but apparently you need to be a skilled shooter warrior to destroy the target.

The building of the model was very good, the instructions are very clear and the parts in good quality.

I really liked the colors of the model and the combination of technical bricks with normal parts.

You can see that the design is full of details that give it a very unique and original look.

Another nice thing is that we have a lot of spare parts with which you can of course build whatever comes to your mind and maybe come up with some other cool target to destroy.

In order to build the next designs I will have of course to disassemble the model and rebuild with the parts.


The second design is also fun to building and it is a approximately similar size to the previous design.

This time the shooting technique is a little different and our object is shot straighter - like a gun, and It's much easier to hit a target that way.

I really like the end result and the playability of this set is a really great addition.

Here too we are left with a lot of spare parts with which you can build many other interesting things.


The latest design, here too the shooting technique is like a gun and it is much easier to hit the target that way.

As in the previous designs, the size of the model is impressive and can of course move forward and backward.

Also here we have a lot of spear parts that we can work with them for an other things.



After I finished building all the models I can tell you that this set is definitely a very fun experience, the assembly and disassembly of the models was fun and easy,

For anyone who is afraid of disassembly I used the device that was attached to the set and it made the disassembly extremely simple for me,

it is important to note that no part broke during the disassembly and it shows us the quality of the parts which are very good.

I personally liked the first model the most, something about it being less accurate makes playing with it much more fun and really brings us back to the medieval



I highly recommend this set and of course if you want you can buy it from here:

JMB Exclusive 3-in-1(Ballista/Bombard/Catapult) Military Theme Building Kit 30001
Online store:
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