Lego unveiled the new Batmobile Tumbler set number 76240 and anyone who expected something innovative will probably be disappointed.

The new model looks almost identical to the previous model.
We can hope that the new model is more stable and suitable for the game than the previous model.
The set contains 2049 parts (which is 176 parts more than the previous set).

Along with the model you will get 2 minifigures one of Batman and the other of the Joker.

My opinion as a designer:
Truth be told I was a bit disappointed that the new 76240 Batmobile Tumbler set is almost identical to the old model (76023) I expected from Lego to at least make some size changes or major parts that would slightly improve the look as Lego knows how to do.
However of course the design of the vehicle is perfect as it is but for that there was no need to issue a novelty in my opinion.

View photos of the new 76240 Batmobile Tumbler set:


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