We are all excited about the new model of Lego NINJAGO, set 71741, the set comes with a variety of especially cool minifigures and the structure itself is huge and spectacular in its beauty!
The variety of colors and shapes we find in this model are simply amazing and create a perfect balance and a charming look.
I personally also really like the wood in the middle of the model that gives life.
In general I personally really like the NINJAGO city models series, it seems that the designers of these models put a lot of emphasis on the small details which makes these works an art in my opinion!
You can also see that the model is modular and can connect to the previous models in the series and of course to any other modular model that will show you a suitable to there :)

Details of the model:

Parts: 5685

Price: 299.99$


Set Number: 71741-1 


I invite you to continue watching all the new pictures of the model and tell me what you think of it: