After many rumors and photos leaked to the net, today Lego unveiled their huge new model: set 10294 Titanic.
The new model is built from 9090 parts which makes it one of the largest models of Lego and is an amazing replica of the ship that knows Titanic whose tragic story we are all familiar with.
The price of the model is: € 629.99, $ 629.99, £ 569.99.
Length: 135cm , Height: 44cm

My opinion as a designer:
Without a doubt this is one of the most impressive models that Lego has unveiled so far, I really like the ship's construction style and the variety of elements that can be seen on it.
Building a model of this size is not an easy task, especially when it needs to have a particularly high level of finish like all Lego models.
However the ship can be divided into 3 and this is how we can see what is happening inside the body of the ship.

View photos of the model: