After Manchester United's Old Trafford Stadium comes to us the legendary Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium.
Lego today unveiled their new model set number 10284 and it is the Camp Nou stadium.
The price of this set will be: $ 349.99 / £ 299.99 / € 329.99
The set contains 5509 parts.

My opinion as a designer:
There is no doubt that the model is beautiful and impressive, but in my opinion it is not so similar to the real stadium, it seems that the proportions are a bit different and the colors of the outside are not the best for me.
However the model is designed to the smallest details such as the bus of the Barcelona players or the scoreboard.
The construction technique of the new stadium seems to be similar to the construction technique of the previous set 10272 but surely we will see some innovations here.

view the released photos: