Lego Set 10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van revealed!
Parts: 2207
Price: 159.99 EUR / 179.99 USD
The set will be available from 1st August at
A new and interesting model comes to us, the model introduces the Volkswagen T2 Camper Van vehicle.
The car colors are white and blue and it comes with a sunroof, a colored surfboard and 2 outdoor seats.
On the side of the vehicle you can see the word LOVE and of course we have a replacement wheel on the front of the vehicle.
Inside you will find a small bench with a small dining table with sink and kettle.

My opinion as a designer:
The Model 10279 looks particularly beautiful, it seems that the interior design has received a very unique treatment and a lot of thought has been given to it.
I also really like the exterior design which is very reminiscent of the real original vehicle.
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