It was recently reported that the Sesame Street model was approved and Lego started work on it.
Now they are releasing a small teaser of the blue character eating the cookie.

The Monster cookies she's one of the new characters and will probably win a few more new minifigures as part of the new set.


For those who do not remember (or do not know) Sesame Street is an educational television show for preschool children. It is one of the oldest children's show to date, and in light of its success, local versions of it have been produced in 22 countries.
The show was launched in the United States to create social and educational skills in children and now Lego will probably try to produce for us the same good experience we know from the show.

And as for the Cookie Monster, he's a lovable monster with blue fur and an excessive and even compulsive fondness for cookies. He is known as someone who does not share his cookies with others and who may devour everything (including the plate). So all that is left is to wait for him in the new model that will come to us (hopefully soon).