Lego reveals new sets that celebrate Chinese culture, in the new sets you can see an emphasis on Chinese elements.

In the first set we see a wall with a large front door (probably to the Forbidden City) when behind the wall fly spectacular fireworks in honor of this year's celebrations.
This model also has 6 minifigures and a traditional Chinese dragon figure.


In the second model we see a Chinese park with a prayer area and a statue of a bull.

Also in both models we see many elements that characterize Chinese culture such as lamps, trees, flowers, etc.
In the model we see that there are also 8 minifigures (one of which is a red statue)


Lego also reveals a new model of Monkie Kid where we see a type of aircraft / helicopter and 3 other buildings that represent a bedroom, a play area and an anti-aircraft system.
In addition we see 2 small models of spiders and another about 8 minifigures in this model.

My opinion as a designer
Of the new models, I personally most like the Chinese park, which combines a lot of elements and sees that it has a thought for the small details in a stunning way.