The first season undoubtedly introduced us all to the wonderful world of the best builders in the world and exposed us to their stunning creations.
In light of the great success of the show the second season of LEGO MASTERS USA has been approved and is on its way to us in huge strides! The production is currently planned for 2021 when it will go up for screenings soon after the end of production of course.

As a Lego designer I am very excited for the program that inspires me so much and opens my mind. I really like the projects that all the couples are working on and always think what I would do if I had to be in their situation.
There is no doubt that LEGO MASTERS USA is a great program that every LEGO fan connects to it very easily and therefore I am very excited for season 2.

In addition it is likely that actor Will Arnett dubbing Batman will continue to host the show as well as Judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard who will return to be part of the show.

So all that is left now is to watch who will be the new castings of the competitors in the 2nd season of LEGO MASTERS USA !!!