Amazing Lego Space Models

How much do you love Lego Space? And what about Benny remmber him?

So I remmber and love! I think there is somting really awesome in nostalgia and when you think about that the lego space theme is really awesome, especially Benny :)

So I had to do a post on Lego Space and return our Benny his beautiful smile.


inferno11Brick Fiesta 2017 - DallasSeen at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend - 013DSC00176rDelVaLUG - Moonbase - Space - Lego MOC - BrickFair VA 2014 - Chantilly, VABrickCon 2008 - October 5 - 16.jpgNeo classic Space display for Houston Maker Faire.Classic Space Display Comic Palooza Houston, TX. May 12-14NEMESIS LL9000IMG_20151005_204745DSC04457UntitledDSC04464IMG_0349HGCS_03Display for Comicpalooza 2018.IMG_9471Moonbase VBrickfete 2016LEGOWorld 2013BV2018Classic Space Display Comic Palooza Houston, TX. May 12-14Classic Space BaseDSC00177A-83 Exploration BaseA-83 Exploration BaseClassic Space Rocket Site - 02LEGO Space ShipBrickcon 2016DSC00189NWBC2006 70Skunk Base NValkyrieDSC_6290Hiigaran Battlecruiser WIP 10Galvenon by Paul BaulchSpace Base on Moon III
  • Mar 17, 2020
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Jeff Schroeder March 17, 2020

I think it is cool that you have multiple pictures of my display at different times as I have added and worked on it. Beyond the Brick did a nice video of it if you want to add it. The video is here:

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