The standard Lego models are very impressive but there is something more impressive from them, the Lego sculptures!

I collected a great variety of Lego statues from the world, many things can be said about them but the word that most describes them is WOW

Watch now:


Legoland Billund20160410-153132__P1160543_portraitDowntown Disneyblast offLEGO boy playing with TruckBrickfête Toronto 2015At Legoland CaliforniaLegoland BillundRaptors!!LEGO City PainterLEGO Booth Statue GandalfLEGO® KidsFest Minneapolis 2011DSCF0377Lego sphinx Legoland EnglandLEGO Chef!Daffy DuckAlbert Einstein made of legos (with moving eyes)LEGOWorld 2013UntitledAnatomini square fig 00 frontpageLEGO Beauty and the BeastDowntown DisneyLego JokerLEGOWorld 2013IronmanLEGO Kids Fest"Stepping In?" (10/12)Ninjago Statue at the LEGO booth - San Diego Comic Con - 2LEGO fireman, life-sizedLEGO Minion Despicable Me SculptureLego Harry PotterStack Dubai LEGO event 2016Yuri Gagarin and Laika


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