Do you like castles? If the answer is YES then you are welcome to dive with me for the journey between wonderful Lego castles models from around the world.
One of the beautiful things about castles is the use of interesting techniques for creating turrets, circles, impressive walls, old building effect and an etc.

I invite you to see the variety of castles I have collected for you and comment which castle you like most!



The Great Gatehouse of MikithdarThe Ancient Eyrie: Full view 1Troll Bridge-2_03Challenge Three of Book II04Daily Business at the Gate of DunholmDSC05040CCCXI - 2Hornreach Keep (Brickvention 2017 CollabCastle deBearFinwër Castle (7)DutchCastleMainviewFinwër Castle (8)DSCN27654_cr_b1RightRenrrostCONTACT 1: The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K'al Yne, OdanKjeldslot03Morholt KeepStone Meadow Castle - CCC XIFarwin CastleP1020685_cr_b1FrontMinas TirithApseRedLionCastle-L04LBrickCon 201813 CastleHyrule CastleDragonKeep3imgp6717BLUELION-07Chester Keep3.3 overviewHrothingas castle stage |3|DSCN27610_cr_b1Citadel TowerGOH: Last Blossom of HopeMinas Tirithlego Castle 0724. Berliner SteineWahn - MOCsKjeldslotrearEntrance to wealthYe Old Merry Battleground BrickFair VA 201620141004-0360NW ShotDark souls III_ANT5420.jpgCharlemagne_3Belynia12014GWLS 2013 - The TablesVanguard KeepNordana CastleMedieval Castle TodayCCCXI "Scientific Progress Goes Thud"DSC_3166We Will Not Yield, Global Challenge 4 Winning EntryLego Helm's DeepRockwall AmbushCubic Castle Revisited (2)Mouse Guard at Emerald City ComicCon



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