In case you did not know Lego does not release real models of war (I do not consider of course the superhero series).
As a result a line of designers has been created that deals mainly with models of wars and especially models from WW2 that include a variety of models of Lego tanks, Lego soldiers, a variety of elements of battle, ruins and weapons which all create a real atmosphere of Lego battle scenes.

So in this blog I have collected for you various MOCs from around the world that all feature Lego battle scenes from WW2.

Before we move on to seeing the MOCs let's talk a bit about the way to create such a MOC ourselves:
1) In the first stage we will choose what will be the scene we want to illustrate: a scene of a ruined city with a tank, an open field war, forces moving towards the forest while walking in to enemy line or another scene you have in mind.
2) Once we understand what our scene is we will start building elements that will illustrate the atmosphere such as: trees, road, houses, elements of destruction if necessary and etc.
3) In the third stage we will add the elements of war such as: tanks, jeeps or any other war vehicles, we will also add minifigures of soldiers and of course we will add all kinds of elements of destruction, explosions etc.

Now let's see some examples:


Operation 'Monkey' 1944. #ww2#lego#101'st airborne Lego ww2 American half track Lego WW2 "Ambush" MOC Carentan 1944. #lego#moc#ww2#101airborne Market Garden. #ww2#lego#tmc#airborne101st DOT. #ww2#lego#tmc#germans#moc 1944. #lego#101'st#airborne#ww2#tmc Italy. #lego#ww2#tmc#fallschirmjager#germans#moc LEGO WW2 destroyed house LEGO WW2 Operation Market Garden LEGO WW2 France MOC LEGO WW2 France MOC The Battle of Overloon Collab The End Is Near German Army in East Prussia East Prussia Fall 1944 Western Front 1918 Sd.Kfz. 3 Maultier Sicily 1943 Scene Sicily 1943 MOC Italy 1943 MOC Lego WW2 "Lost In The Snow" MOC US MARINES LVT-4 WWII: A Town in France Coastal-Defence-Guns-Bunker-02 German-Flak-Bunker-01 custombricks_WW2_Modelle_and Figurs Willys MB Jeep with Bantam Trailer Coastal Defence Bunker instructions Lego M.O.C. ww2 ,the battle in the Park ,France 1945 LEGO Custom StuG 3 Opel Blitz Nebelwerfer 41 ART GMC CCKW with M45 Quad .50cal mount Lego M.O.C. ww2


So after seeing so many scenes tell me what scene are you going to build?