The Wild West period is characterized by its beautiful wooden structures in the middle of the large and warm desert that are frequented daily by the town's villagers, bandits and local sheriff.
Of course we will also see all kinds of carriages and we will not forget the local Indians who come on horses with archery.
Many Lego designers from around the world who have been fascinated by the beauty of the wild west have made a wide variety of models that show this messy period.
And of course my job is to find for you the cool models that will give you ideas for the next model you want to build.
So watch the models and join me to a journey in the Wild West of Lego:


Steam Train Water Tower Wild West Dark Orange Rock 10 Western Saloon from Pif Paf City Western CB Linköping 2017 LEGO MOC Sheriff 001 LEGO Moc Western Horsewhip House Western Countyside Arte em Peças - Paredes de Coura - 2011 Wild West Saloon - Bar Brawl Western Countyside Western Market Street Bar brawl Western Shack Wild West Saloon_2 LEGO MOC Western Bank 001 Wild west Stagecoach The LEGO Movie Water Tower 3 Kaboom Creek Great West Railway Station 02 Cement Oasis Red Light District 2 The Wild West Great West Saloon Lego MOC Old West Bank Coming soon - Wild Wild West ! Wild West Saloon


Now let's talk a little from the professional side:
When we want to design a model of the Wild West we need to pay attention to a few things.
The first and most obvious thing is to note that we are working with TAN colored plates for the ground and that the buildings we are building will look like they are built from a wood texture.
In order to add interest to our model we can put in them elements such as an area for horses, water towers, signs of the period, lots of guns everywhere, some animal bones hanging on the walls and of course every element of the Wild West that comes to mind.
It's always important to produce a story around your model whether it's the sheriff in front of the bandits or some Indians coming to fight or even a train approaching at high speed to a TNT area, no matter what comes to mind the main thing will be a story :).
Hope I helped you a bit in planning your next wild model, good luck!