The Vikings are big and strong warriors that you will not want to mess with, what you will want is to build their Lego model :)
I thought I would find a lot of Viking models mocs on the net but I discovered that there are not many designs on this topic.
However I have found for you some Lego mocs on the topic of Vikings that will help you imagine the model you want to build.


Viking Longship Viking Perils LEGO - Viking - Valhalla's Vengeance LEGO - Viking - Valhalla's Vengeance Viking Longship - Ideas Project DSC_0077 edited Vikinghut5rs_010117 Viking Perils Brickfair NE 2015 Brickfair NE 2015 Brickfair NE 2015 IMG_8483 It is the great north wind that made the Vikings. Viking House Chibi Viking Ship