Love the Simpsons? me too! So this time I have collected a variety of especially cool MOCs for you!
You will find here a number of very special MOCs from an entire city to particularly detailed models of the characters, watch now:


Springfield, USA LEGO Simpsons Homer Simpson Geeky Flower Pots: Streaking Bart Simpson The Homer - Overview KWIK-E-MART The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. Miniland Simpsons Family Simpson's Couch Monster Marge First Church of Springfield Springfield D.M.V. Groundskeeper Willie's Bad Day Habitat for Bart LEGO Exo Homer - cockpit Exo-Homer vs. Venator Mini Krusty Burger (300 pcs) kwikemart1gradient 霸子! #bart #simpson #lego Days without an accident : 0 Lego 71016 - The Simpsons - The Kwik-E-Mart The Simpsons