How much do you like snow? If the answer is a lot then this is exactly the blog for you!
I have collected for you a variety of amazing models whose common element is snow.
The white color blends in just wonderfully with the models and makes them almost magical, I personally really like the methods they used to build the models and how they managed to create the almost real feeling that they are made of real snow.
So go ahead and watch now the Lego Snow models I collected:


mod 2 - toyshop


Winter Village Diorama 2017


mod 4 - bakery & post office




Sled Race 2000


Winter Village Cottage


Final Lego Winter Village Layout


LEGO Christmas Village and Snow Resort 2017


Winter is coming.


Cottage house


Holiday Mtn update


The Streets of Daydelon: Build Log


St. Yarinsburg


winter Village School




Merry Christmas!


Sleigh Ride


2012 Lego Winter Village


Lego Christmas Village and Holiday Train


Mod 6 - Winter Cottage right view


Ski Slope 2


A Mountain Retreat!


Magic of Christmas in Hogsmeade




Ice bathing in a frozen lake




Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar


LEGO Christmas Village and Snow Resort 2017