The range of possibilities that you can build from Lego bricks is endless, and thanks to this you can design stunning rooms from any place, time and imagination.
I have gathered for you a wide variety of ideas from around the world.
Have fun.



Japanese HistoryJapanese HistoryCCCXII - The Necromancer's Bad DayJapanese HistoryJapanese HistoryTo Kill a KingPancake DayLEGO Lord of the Rings - The Isildur's AccountHelminthophobiaLEGO Batman Movie Lobster ScenePrivate LibraryThe Library 01Room With A View(LCC) A New Year's CelebrationPoor Unfortunate Souls (Little Mermaid)OktoberfestFreedom's Final Stand(GoH) Cat. B-1[Touble in Kaliphlin]Professor Dick von Brick's officePLAYER 1.0#3. Royal Flash ( Part 1 )1950's Soda ShopYo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life For Me!Medieval TavernGarageFencing HallSculptorAn Audience with the King - Salamackia's Story Part 5Brides of Dracula 01SAW (2004)


And like allways here is my model:

Witch Room Design with a special stand