Building large buildings is fun and challenging, but what happens when you have to reduce everything to a minimum? Can you stand up to such a task?

I brought you a variety of building designs that are all big but small :) 

Have fun:



Rockefeller Center, New YorkMicropolis - Moss BuildingDong-a buildingMicropolis - Mix TV StudiosOffice Towermicroscale condo (untwisted)The A Block @ MicropolisMicropolis - Hospital and Parking LotMini-Modular Art Deco TheatreHall_of_Justice_mainlittle church-2Korea tourism organization buildingHardware shopStyazhkin museumThe Cup and Saucer, 'Arthur's' and ApartmentTower 31Micropolis - Commercial PropertiesTV network towerKorea Deposit Insurance Corporation building