Lego has published a few models of Iron Man, but what you will going to see on this blog is a much larger variety than you are familiar with!
A varied of models that all represent the beloved character Iron Man.
So which design do you like best?


hulkbuster_mk1 Hulkbuster v2 MOC Hulk Buster Mid. MK2 LEGO Hulkbuster UCS MOC Iron Man Sentinel Series LEGO Moc: IronMan Hulkbuster Brickheadz04 Lego Hulkbuster v.2 (Tutorial) Hulkbuster Brickheadz03 Photo 23-05-2016, 20 41 10 IRON MAN MARK43 Lego Ironman Helmet IronMan Bust Iron Man Helmet VS LEGO 76165 Iron Man LEGO figure IRON MAN MARK43 The Hulkbuster, Crimson LEGO - Hulkbuster Mark 48 vs Iron Monger Mark 0.125 High five with Iron Man MK 44 Hulkbuster by KMX Creations IRON MAN MARK43 Iron Man The Invincible Iron Man The Invincible Iron Man!