Take the Lego one step ahead and start drawing with it!
This form of construction is very interesting and through it you can create a very large variety of cool models and you don't need a lot of a investment and parts.
I have collected a variety of works for you to open your mind and of course I did some myself :)



Does Whatever a Spider Can!RerunDragon Training!Don't Have a Cow, Man!You Blundering Fool!The Ant WhispererThe VisionI choose you!It's not wise to upset a WookieeKylo RenPortrait of the ArtistHe's Making a ListThe CaptainBounty SketcherThe Most Famous Reindeer of AllHe's a mean one.They BounceUtini!K-2SOThe Greatest Prospector in the North!The DentistBrick Sketch 12: Head of the SnakeBB-8GrouchoMinion brick sketchSnikt!We are GrootIt was a dark and snowy knight.Hero of WindsGrumpy catI Love Trash!Legendary OutlawChopper (C1-10P)Bad Motivator100, 100, 100th Picture on Flickr!Let's kick some a...!


And here my creations