How much do you love Lego DC?

This artists are probably love DC very much, they took it one step further and the result is stunning!

You can see here a variety of stunning scenes with your favorite DC heroes.

I hope you will get some inspiration for your new MOC!


Heart of Ice (Arkham City)Injustice For All - 1Injustice For All - Superman VS Solomon GrundyInjustice For All - The FlashLazarus Pit in RioThe Lego Batman v Superman MovieSnowy Night with the BatmanThe Bat Family's Cave - 1The Bat Family's Cave - 2The Bat Family's Cave - 3The Bat Family's Cave - 4The Bat Family's Cave - Detail 1The Bat Family's Cave - Detail 2The Bat Family's Cave - Detail 3The Bat Family's Cave - Detail 4The Bat Family's Cave - Detail 5The Bat Family's Cave - Detail 6Baseball BatmanBaseball Bat Man VS Baseball BatmanBatmobile Micro MOC00The Bat-WardrobeThe Ultimate Batcave - The Lego Batman MovieThe Ultimate Batcave - The Lego Batman MovieThe Ultimate Batcave - The Lego Batman MovieThe Ultimate Batcave - The Lego Batman MovieJoke's on you Bats!The BatmanThe JokerHarley QuinnHarley Quinn, BackMr. Freeze, SideThe RiddlerThe PenguinThe ScarecrowScarecrow: Eye to Eye?Two-FaceTwo-Face Face to...Face?Best Individual Layout NominationThe CatwomanSuper FriendsArkham Asylum ScarecrowHere's my CardGigantaSinestro; YellowMeow!Pi-ting! Pit-ing! Pi-tayyng!On Leather WingsC4C: Classic Joker BustMad LoveQuinn GunHow We Almost Got 'ImHow Ivy Almost Got 'ImHow Two-Face Almost Got 'ImHow Penguin Almost Got 'ImHow Joker Almost Got 'ImHow Batman Got 'EmHow Harley Almost Got 'ErJudgment DayHow Catwoman Almost Got 'ImThe Clock KingFire from OlympusThat's Mr. Freeze to YouNoraRejected (Mad) Love!Warm Hand to HoldIcy RevengeTrialJoker's MillionsHarlequinadeRejected (Mad) Love (Again!)Rejected HarlequinadeHarvey!Big Bad HarvBat-InfestationGive me a Mirror!I'm in Control!What About Grace?Save Me!My CoinGood HelpScream My Name!He is Mine!I AM BANE!Hello Hello Gatman!The Ultimate ThrillCreations for Charity 2014: Arkham Asylum Desk BuddyCreations for Charity: Poison Ivy Desk BuddyIceberg SurpriseCome here KittyLiberating Lexcorp 3Party At the Iceberg Lounge (Part 1)AirbrushingBatMobile 90s 改Arkham Knight : Batmobile (Brightness revised)lego-batman-the-dark-knight-rises[1]LEGO Dawn of Justice BatcaveLEGO BatcaveBatmobile of the FutureArkham City: Mister FreezeBatman vs. Two-FaceArkham Knight: The BatmobileArkham City: Batman vs. The Demon's HeadArkham City: Courthouse BrawlArkham City: Courthouse BrawlArkham Origins: Royal Hotel TakedownLEGO Batman: A Death In The FamilyLEGO The Dark Knight: Joker InterrogationEvil contraptionFastest Man Alive?!7The Bat87A12101522252730333538393739b40444545A89 Burton Batwing89 Burton BatwingBatman: The Animated Series BatmobileDark Knight Rises BatcaveDark Knight Rises BatcaveDark Knight Rises Batcave TumblerDark Knight Rises Batcave Platform DetailsDark Knight Rises Batcave Platform