I build a lot of models and one of the things I find harder to build is figures and even more animal figures.
It takes a lot of thought about how to correctly connect the pieces to create the current form of life we want to create.
That is why I have collected for you a great variety of animals that great artists from all over the world have been able to create and maybe it will inspire you in how to create your next work!


K-9 Multi-purpose Support UnitLEGO Phar Lap, Champion RacehorseLEGO Mecha Crocodile-03LEGO Mecha Rhinoceros-01*hissssss*LEGO Mecha Owl-05LEGO Mech Bird-01LEGO Mech Armadillo-01LEGO Mecha Rabbit-01KayruUntitledbionicle cobra snakeLEGO Mech Crayfish-03LEGO Mech  Snails-01LEGO Mech Reindeer-11LEGO Mech Locusta migratoria-01LEGO Mech Fiddler crab-03Black Panther3 Killer whaleSharks Treasure-1LEGO Mech Architeuthis dux-01FlamingoCanidae FamilyYoung TurkeyMini chameleonWARTHOGBrick Roosters (Brickens)LEGO Hub Birds - ChinaDachshundIdefix 1LEGO Hub Birds - DenmarkSeahorseLEGO Hub Birds - United StatesCuddly Toys: CockatooCuddly Toys: WalrusHei Hei the RoosterSprint (front)Tiny SparrowElephantPeacock