Is that a bird ?! Is this Superman ?! NO! It's a Lego Air Plane!
Love Lego Air Palne? We too! We've assembled a variety of cool MOC models from around the world to inspire you for your next air plane model!

Top Gun F-14A Tomcat (9)SkyhammerP-51D - North American MustangFM-2 Wildcat (1)MACROSS-VF171EXLEGO_Custom_WW2_Warplane_Vought_F4You_Corsair_CB02Swordfish (2)Supremarine SpitfiresSBD Dauntless - Battle of MidwayBF109TL_2Red Bull Air Racer 15Fighter prototypeP47 ThunderboltF22HurricaneMicro White FighterF4U corsairMosquitoMicro fighter V1Mini Attack HeliFit Jet