In the spirit of the new set 40516 Everyone is Awesome, I have found for you a large variety of designs that emphasize the diversity of colors in our lives.
I am sure you will have a lot of fun seeing these works, they are definitely inspiring.



Every Spaceman is Awesome Rainbow Castle (main) All Aboard the Rainbow Train2 ... A giant leap for mankind. Mini Rainbow Shophouses Electronic LEGO Super Mario Invincibility Starman LEGO Rainbow Art Convertible Rainbow Beach Huts Taste the Rainbow Spirit of the Bo-Kaap Colourful Number Two ! (Elmer The Patchwork Elephant's Cousin) Various MOCs 12 Various MOCs 11 More Monochrome Minifigs. CS Family Photo Brikkelauget Layout 72 Nyhavn (New port), Copenhagen, Denmark Peace out! RU-KRAZY!? Peace