How much do you like ships?
The people who built these ships seem to love them a lot :)
So if you like ship or not what is for sure you will love these amazing models


DSC_1296060712301060712302Container Ship20160217_221546FAIRPLAY-33Polarcus Alima complete 1beamtrawler vli - 8ERRV Grampian DonLEGO Sinking Titanicfront interiorlego titanicThe Imperial Lego FleetArmada de Cervantes Destroyer "Olvidable"Bismarck Battleship (Empoli 2017)USS Intrepid Lego model videoWorld War Brick 2014 — 075STEAM 2010 (9)World War Brick 2014 — 059STEAM 2010 (8)STEAM 2010 (4)STEAM 2010 (3)Seen atBrickworld.


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