Nothing to fear!
There is something you won't see every day, Lego Insects!
I have collected for you works that can be said to be a little bit strange but definitely creative in their thinking, spiders, scorpions, beetles, and even snails.
Enjoy it!... or not :)



LEGO Mech  Snails-01LEGO Mech Locusta migratoria-01LEGO Mech Scorpion-04LEGO Mech Cicada-04LEGO Mech Mosquito-04LEGO Mecha Giant water bug-03WIPLEGO HerculesDetective D. SpyLEGO Mech Mosquito-03LEGO Mech Bathynomus giganteus-07ScorpionPeloriaLEGO Mecha Ant-01LEGO Hercules 85%LEGO Mecha longicorn beetle-07LEGO Mech Cicada-01LEGO Mecha Jumping Spider-06LEGO Mecha Flea-01LEGO Mecha Moth-05LEGO Mech Dragonfly-07LEGO Mech Dragonfly-06Mini StingerBUGFORCE: Marksman MantisBumbleBee-LEGO7


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