Apocalypse, Zombies and Lego - The perfect combination!
Are you imagine yourself in an apocalyptic world full of zombies and you are running down the street with an M16 and shooting everyone? If your answer is yes then these models are just for you!
I have collected for you a variety of especially apocalyptic models:


Apoc-Warm Up


Quay 15.


Trouble Around The Corner


Apocalyptic house


The Wreck of the "USS Buccaneer"


Another Update!? ;_;


Post Apoc Building


The Origins...


Under the Bridge


Lego Ruined City | build from 9 different mocs


Lego Ruined City | build from 9 different mocs


Trinity Apartment Blocks, with some Microscale.




First Blood


Old industrial zone


The Struggle... (1)


Project Floodtown - Backside


S.O.S (3)


Apocalypse Mercenary