Lego fans have long ago dived deep into the world of Star Wars and the models that have come out by Lego company are amazing one by one.

But what's are more amazing then this? The MOCs from around the world that people make.
The level of detail, size and thought that goes into these models is just wonderful.

Watch now the amazing models collection I found across the net:


Jabba Wip 3.2Hydro Base on CorbosLego Star Wars Moc on FeluciaTatooine - Cantina Mos EisleySkaerbaek 2017 Scarif MOCLego Star Wars- Clone Base on BakuraRogue One - Jedha - BrickUniverse Fair Park 2016Skaerbaek 2017 Scarif MOCCarbon Freeze ChamberArrival on EndorStar Wars- Clone Base on Kashyyyk [Explored]Mos Eisley Spaceport completeBattle of CoruscantLego Star Wars Assault on Theed | Battlefront 2Playset_presentation"Underground Ambush" | Battlefront II MOCLego Star Wars "Slopes of Rhen Var" | Battlefront MOCBattle of Endor 6/10 BunkerMos LEGO - Left Hand SectionMidi-nnium FalconSoNE Imperial Center on BothawuiJedha 1.0Death Star Continues.All clearTatooineMos Eisley SpaceportRogue One - Scarif CitadelAT-ST in JedhaHangar 03Episode VII-The Force Awakens-Apoca Star Destroyer on Jakkucrashed republic gunshipDeath Star Trench RunToys R Us box modelStar Wars: Battle for HothStar Wars Episode I-VII. mini dioramas.Endor1Battle of Hoth I

Battle of Hoth I