A beautiful house is a house that has been invested in a lot of thought, from the walls, the interior design to the roof above.
I have collected for you a variety of amazing designs of a very complex house.

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The LEGO HouseLEGO MOC Medieval Village - Road ConstructionThe Green GobletYe Old ForgeMesodraconemFarmLeft3/4(3)The Sleepy OakDedication!Ye Slightly Newer ForgeDrink And Be Merry!CCCXII Lancly InnMorisledge CottageAvalonian CottageCobblecrook Cottage - Taryn EllefsonLangfelly houseA creature in the darkThe Black Hammer InnThe Prince And The Pauper...and the porpoise.Provence houseLake-townCottageHexvale CottageBlack HollowThe Blue Shield Inn (Main)Nord Wayshrine 1 (Elder Scrolls Online)Darkmire Mill - Taryn, Sarlina, Ella & OwainAmbarvale MillWhite lotus priestNalderic (1)Caer CaradocIsland of Catan (Town Hall)Home Sweet GroanOlivia’s Get-AwaySummer Mountain HutCetautomatix’s homeScandinavian Sea House MOC. Front.Maison d'AstérixMaison d'Assurancetourixfullsizeoutput_1dd


*Cover photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brickset/35109269365/