Amazing Lego Famous Figures

After Lego recently announced the launch of a Super Mario product set, it made me want to see more cool characters created of our childhood heroes

One of the most fun things in Lego is that there are endless possibilities to create with the bricks we love so much.
Which gives artists around the world to create diverse characters that we all love.
I've collected some really cool ideas for you.

Watch now:


Minion Maid - PhilAT019Yosemite SamHideous ZipplebackLEGO Mr. Potato HeadDaffy DuckSpyro (from "Spyro the Dragon")lego_return_of_jafar6Super Mario SculptureMickey MouseHaley QuinnCadet Stimpy reporting for dutyDo you play croquet?The WolverineAlice in WonderlandCarapillarI am GrootWreck-It RalphBrick-built Gizmo & Minifig GizmoSo where's my award?SnoopyDexterLego CarlSpongeBob & GaryBuz robot