This may be the weirdest article you have ever come across but yes you read that right .. This article is about LEGO ideas for sheeps models :)
So this time I decided to bring you a variety of Lego models whose main and recurring motif is Lego sheep!
Small sheeps, big sheeps, sheeps in all the shapes you dreamed of (or you counted before the dream lol)
So go ahead and let's count sheeps together:


Shaun the Sheep Shaun the Sheep in the year of Sheep Daydelon Sheep Farm Come back here! Shepherdess How did it get there?! Shaun the Sheep Wolf in sheep's clothing Mutton Bustin' Day 2: Plains There's something a little odd about the new guy... Sheep Lego  Game Shave a Sheep #LEGO #40148  #Year_of _the_Sheep_Set #Special_Edition #아키동이 TIF_Ice Queen-08 SHEEPS LEGO sheep Oh Vine...These your Sheep? Sheep Un Mouton Anglo-Français Baa-aa Baa-aa LEGO 40380 Sheep Shaun the sheep Lego Panurge sheep - atana studio lego sheep 2021 Sheep MOC Little Sheep Pirate Sheep LEGO Dala Horse - Sheep Lego Sheep Lego sheep Lego Sheep 'Way home' diorama Wolf in sheep's clothing Lego Herd of sheep for a Modular Desert village Shaun the Sheep Shepherd and Sheep Shaun the Sheep sheep happens Baaaaattle Sheep Shaun the Sheep on LEGO ideas