Long before the engine what ruled the world is the horses and carriages!
So I decided to do them some respect and bring you a variety of MOCs for cool carriages of all kinds! 

So which carriage do you like most? the wild west? fantasy? urban? or maybe an other one?


Four Horse CarriageA Thief and a GentlemanRussian Empire prison wagon (XVIIIc.-1917)Russian Empire prison wagon (XVIIIc.-1917)The Cinderella horse carriageThe Cinderella horse carriageHorse-drawn hearse, Silesia, Poland, XIX-XXc.Horse-drawn hearse, Silesia, Poland, XIX-XXc.Highlander sleigh, Tatra mountains, XIX-XX c.Highlander sleigh, Tatra mountains, XIX-XX c.Polish mail coachPolish mail coachFurmanka (Polish horse cart), Poland, 50s-80sSZPD (Timber Works Sędziszów) horse fire engine, Poland, 1958-1960SZPD (Timber Works Sędziszów) horse fire engine, Poland, 1958-1960Dorożka (city cab), Poland, XIX-XX c.Gypsy wagons (Europe, XIX-XX c.)Gypsy wagons (Europe, XIX-XX c.)GypsiesHay wagon (Poland, XIX-XX c.)Dentistry WagonChariotWild West StagecoachDr. Smith and his Miraculous Medicine (6)Dr. Smith and his Miraculous Medicine (4)Brougham (2)Brougham RearDelivery WagonHansom CabHorse Coach (Carriage)Horse Coach (Carriage)Katoren_War_WagonKatoren_Ambush1A treacherous roadwagon0205Oregon Trail River Crossing - WideJack the RipperStagecoachCow Patrol CartWild west StagecoachWild west StagecoachBlack Chariot" WHAT'S EVERYONE STARING AT?"VIP Passenger WagonBig WagonSmall WagoncarriageDelman - Jakarta Brick City 2015Cinderella's Carriage