This year Lego launched the set 10281 of the bonsai tree, indeed this is an exceptional set that brings something new to the Lego market.
But a variety of artists from around the world have thought about it long before and also long after so we have quite a few examples of Lego bonsai trees in the shape of bonsai.
So choose which design you like best ?!



Bonsai (1 of 3) IMG_6471 DUC_8898r Seki-joju (Growing-on-a-Rock Bonsai Style) bonsai (2 and a half dimensions) Bonsai Bonsai Gargoyle Bonsai Bonsai Penjing Blue Japanese Maple Bonsai Lilac Garden Bonsai of Plum Blossom Bonsai Aortis Bloom Lego Bonsai Tree bonsai Bonsai 桜盆栽 (Sakura Bonsai) Deadwood Bonsai Tree Kokedama Neo-Classic Space Bonsai TRONsai - 1 Bonsai Tree But waffles don’t grow on trees! LEGO Ideas Zen Bonsai Plastic Bonsai Tree (Indoors) Pine Bonsai Boneseye Lego Bonsai Bonsai -INSTRUCTIONS- Brick Bonsai Cascade Fall 4K: Prunus LEGOfolia cultivar of ‘DreamDynamic’ Chậu mai 30 -  Apricot Blossom in Lunar Newyear days Windswept Bonsai: Eternal Spring Over Glowing Crystal. Perhaps more magical at night.