Step into the imaginative world of LEGO Classic Space MOC (My Own Creation) designs, where builders and enthusiasts alike embark on a cosmic journey of creativity. The LEGO Classic Space theme, introduced in the late 1970s and early 1980s, has captured the hearts of fans with its iconic blue, white, and gray color scheme, along with the unmistakable astronaut minifigures. In this post, we'll dive into some awe-inspiring MOC designs that pay homage to the beloved Classic Space theme while pushing the boundaries of imagination.


LL 1308-43 Explorer Apparently size does matter Classic Space - All Terrain Rover Neo Classic Space - Monolith Griffon and Chimaera in classic space colors LL-6951 Mobile Orbital Launcher (3/4 profile view) LL-932  Cosmic Neutralizer -- Close Up LEGO Tente - Space Patrol Neo Classic Space - Monolith LL2016 C-SAW Asimov I Starship Classic Space UCS Landspeeder Lunar Explorers and Dog-bot Classic Space Tank Seeking the Temples of Syrinx... LL 970 - Classic Space Uranium Search Vehicle 01 Classic Space Team Classic Trirover LL2016 Classic Space Spectre Vinal Version Classic Space Mobile Refueling Platform Pyritek Guardian Spectre 501 Long range recon shuttle Patrol Tank 2 Refuel Guardian