Superheroes have always been a priority as well as Legos so when you combine the two together, wonderful things come out!
I've collected a variety of MOCS from the MRAVEL universe hope you will like it :)



Lego Ant-man and the WaspX-Men Anole vs. Sentinel 03Captain America: Civil War (2016)The DBC: FrontSpider-Man vs Doctor OctopusSpider-Man vs. The Sinister SixSpider-Gwen and Hobgoblin ShowdownUrban Pandemoniumlego captain america:civil war - airport battle dioramaDoctor Strange's Sanctum SanctorumMansion with figsStark Tower - FrontIron Man hecho con LEGOBrick-A-Laide 2017Venom vs SpidermanLego Iron.Buster with Hulk.BusterWEB HANG2DeadpoolAvengers AssemblePeter Quill: Star-Lord"TRYING TO STOP THE GOOD DOCTOR"Spider-Man vs Mysterio" IN THE CLUTCHES OF THE SANDMAN "The Gates of Hel Are Filled With The Screams of His VictimsSpiderman vs VenomLEGO-Marvel-Super-Heroes 005War MachineBRICKCON101Lego Iron Man Malibu Mansion MOC (Hall of armor)


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