There are not many sets that bring us Japanese culture, however designers from around the world do it superbly!
The models are full of colors and buildings in unconventional shapes and that is what makes these models especially beautiful.
You will notice that in a large part of the models there is an emphasis on the small details, lots of flowers and vegetation and the roofs of the houses are filled with special shapes.
I personally really like design from the Japanese culture and of course I made some myself :)
I also recommend you make your own MOCs of Japanese culture and it will probably be one of the more special designs you will make.
So let's see a variety of beautiful designs of Japanese culture:



Lego Samurai Code Bushidō - Way of the Warrior Буддийский Храм WIP (вид со стороны таблички) Four Weapons Pagoda Park: Alternate views Teahouse3rs_210912 BrickCon 2018 玲珑塔 WZ14 The People's Victory at Qarkyr DSC_0047_副本_副本 Manglegongsa Temple 複製 -P1150198 Lakehouse Kidnap The General is summoned to war... #legomoc #legoninjago #mocninjago DSC_0024_副本 Geiko_1 A Peaceful Place for Peaceful Hobbies Japan Japanese Spring village Brickvention 2016 IMG_0540 Osaka Castle Tenshukaku 18 Master Wu's Rice Plantation Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺, Temple of the Golden Pavilion Madam Woo's Chinese Restaurant_001 Japan Town angle 2