Most of the time when we think of Lego we think of a lot of parts connected to each other, but there are also people who think differently and take our favorite Lego minifigures out into the real world, into nature!
I have collected for you a variety of stunning photos that combine Lego and nature :)
Tell me what your favorite picture is:

The Fellowship of the Ring Sunny Day The Unicorn Hunter Gardening Time Lego clones outdoors 365 days - Day 20 DSC_0986 "I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy," Rey said A Deserter in the Desert Indiana Jones 1LEGOninjagomaster4WAFH Mother nature strikes back! Nya en plena naturaleza / Nya in nature LEGO man in nature Nature macro photography Sporty A wizard is never late... LEGO - The Gardener Snowmobile Centurion vs Stag Lego relax Captain Jack Sparrow in Sweden. skeleton nature fan Watching... A Hippie Beach shots...