25 Lego Hot Road Cars Ideas

The Hot Road Cars are by far one of the coolest types of cars!

The shimmering engine, amazing colors and of course their stunning shape!
We have collected a variety of Hot Road Cars models for you, have fun: 


Hot rod - Fire bucketRed hot rod - Front wheel assemblySnowWhite13RATical Industries 1930 Ford Model AA TruckLego Hot rod - Lucky 13Mad Max – Fury Road: Elvis _02RedRod-Daredevil17SteampunkBatrod06CrocRod_TBC15aBlackOnyx1RatFink016aHummerRadRod6HummerRadRod_2SteamPunkBatRod1CrocRod_TBC10American Graffiti Legoroadzombie01432 ford sideMotorCity Ford 1932 V8 Coupe - Lucky Eddie's Speed ShopNotRodNutless and OILThirstyFord 1932 V8 Coupe RodMotorCity Ford 1932 V8 Coupe - Lucky Eddie's Speed ShopHow To Get Noticed10252 hot rod

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