A lot of Lego fans are also Star Wars fans, and indeed Lego itself puts out a lot of sets for this dedicated audience.
However most of Lego's official sets mostly represent spaceships and various vehicles from the Star Wars universe.
That’s why there are a lot of designers from around the world who make particularly interesting MOCs of different dioramas.
So I collected some beautiful designs of Star Wars dioramas but I made sure they were relatively small :)



Battle of Mimban / Back to building :D Sandtrooper patrol Lego Star Wars Invasion Of Naboo MOC Lego Star Wars Battle on Scarif MOC Moc Lego Star Wars - Rey's speeder Lego Star Wars Razor Crest Ice Planet Pursuit Mandalorian S2 MOC The last hour of the Clone Wars▕   DARK TIMES Moc Lego Star Wars - Death Star Duel MOC "Kashyyyk" - Order 66 - Lego Star Wars Battle Over Coruscant V2 MOC Razor Crest Micro MOC “Too close” (read description) BrickzLab Jedi Fallen Order Collab Dathomir A Faithful Meeting AT-ST Infiltration Ambush on Theed Lego Star Wars Dooku Speeder Chase MOC \ Cleansing of New Plympto / Endor3