Usually, when people start out using LEGO either for play or to visualize something, they start getting grand ideas. These are ideas that might not be possible unless you spend months on one single build. As we all know, the secret to success is knowing that the longer you can keep your attention on your goal, the greater your chances of success. The moment you lose the sight of the ball, you might as well just start over again, but with LEGO it's kind of different. You can spend years on a single build and still reach your goal.

Here are people whose love for superheroes, defeated their love for rest.

How LEGO built a life-size Captain America for Comic-Con

Thor Life-size Model - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Time Lapse

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Life-Sized LEGO Thanos Timelapse ( Not Super Heroes)

Amazing LEGO Wonder Woman Life-Size Statue


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Custom LEGO Life-Size Baby Groot

Life-Size LEGO FLash 

A glimpse into our hero's bedroom


MOC - Super Heroes Room Design   MOC - Super Heroes Room Design