Global warming, Aliens, Zombies, Covied 19, maybe one of these things will bring us to apocalypse but until then we can settle with particularly cool Lego models of apocalypse.

When designing an apocalyptic model of Lego you need to think about a few parameters:
1) What atmosphere do we want to create: desert / lots of vegetation / destruction and devastation or whatever suits you for the diorama you want to build.
2) No matter what atmosphere you choose it is important to remember the small details, whether it is plants coming out of the houses, signs of danger and wheels scattered on the road each such element will add a little more to your final model.
3) It is recommended that the model tell us any story and that all parts of the designs be related to each other, for example if you chose an apocalypse world of Lego zombies then you can design a ruined diner when on its roof you can put a minifigure of a distressed person and around a lot of minifigure of zombies.
4) When building a Lego apocalypse model it is recommended to search online for different images of apocalypse concept art, it can bring you a lot of ideas for what your model will look like.

So after discussing how to build your own apocalyptic Lego model let's see examples from around the web:

So after seeing so much apocalypse you are welcome to tell us what you are going to build and share with us pictures of your Lego apocalyptic models :)